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Sponsor Warehouse Academy

If you believe in our academy and would like to support us in providing education to the next generation, we have opportunities for business or individuals to sponsor us.

Who Are We


Our vision is to partner with parents to teach Biblical Christian values through exemplary, intentional education.

Warehouse Academy believes that we are created to worship God and to serve others. We firmly stand on the Bible to teach students that their identity is found in Christ empowering students to engage their gifts and talents to make an impact and a difference in their world. Our desire is to cultivate a God centered learning environment that inspires and to develop students that are world-changers in every facet of their adult lives.  We are building a foundation today that will last a lifetime.

We do this by prioritizing these five pillars


We provide outstanding, intentional education that engages students in content appropriate for their academic level.


We teach our students a Biblical worldview, identity in Christ, and a love for the House of God.


We are dedicated to helping children find their purpose by building and equipping them to become leaders who have a servant’s heart in order to impact and make a difference in their world.


We partner with parents establishing a committed and caring community of families, faculty, and students.


We help students see themselves the way God intended. We teach students that God is their Creator, and they are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Enrollment: Open

Employment: Send your resume to


Qualifications:  Priority given to certified teachers.

Hours:  Monday-Friday; 7:00am-3:30pm; hours may vary

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