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Warehouse Worship

We’re excited that you’re interested in being a part of the worship team at The Warehouse Church! Below is a set of expectations that all of our worship team members are charged with upholding. Please take the time to read over and prayerfully consider them before you continue with the rest of the application.


Our purpose is to support the purpose. (The Vision)



To take as many people with us to Heaven as possible



Love God. Love People. Change a City



  1. Jesus at the Center – Love God

  2. We are an Anybody Church – Love People

  3. We Don’t Maintain, We Multiply – The Invite Matters

  4. We are a Generous Church – Because People Matter

  5. We Stay United Under the Vision – Because We Champion Unity

  6. It’s Not About me – Purpose Over Preference

  7. We Ain’t Playin’ – Because Jesus is Coming


Team Expectations

Heart: Worship on a platform is the overflow of a lifestyle of worship and a heart that is well-cultivated throughout the week. Our spiritual preparation has a direct effect on our effectiveness as a worship team. We need to come ready not only to sing/play music but also worship the King and minister to His people. How can we lead people where we haven’t gone ourselves?

Hands: Cultivate and grow your gift. We need to work at our instrumental/vocal abilities to become better than they were yesterday. This means a great deal of individual practice. We ask that you are always taking steps forward. There will be times that you will be asked to do something that will cause you to stretch, we ask that you embrace it and grow from it. 


Musical Preparation: Rehearsals are way smoother when everyone has listened to, practiced with and memorized the scheduled music. Being prepared also means having any gear or equipment that you intend to use on Sunday with you for rehearsals. For teamwork to happen effectively, we rely on you to play your part accordingly.

Arrival: Arrive early enough to prepare your instrument/mic/monitor mix so that you are ready to begin rehearsals or run through at the scheduled time. Everyone’s time is valuable. It’s important that everyone be punctual so that we can use our time as efficiently as possible. Arriving early is always a great idea. We are very serious about punctuality. Being on time is a respect issue.  Tardiness communicates a lack of respect for your team and for the Lord. If an unexpected situation arises and you know you will be late, please communicate as quickly as possible with the worship leader.

Attitude: Have a positive attitude to team members, and team leads. When things change or if technical issues arise keep a cool and level head. Be open to the constructive criticism of the worship director or band leader. They are trying to pull out every bit of greatness in you, so be patient and receptive of constructive feedback.

Honor: Here at The Warehouse Church we have a culture of honor. We honor 360 degrees. (up, down, and all around) We are in this thing together for one reason and that’s to use our talents and abilities for build the Kingdom. If it’s not bringing unity then chances are it’s brining division. 

Celebration is not an Option. This is a worship TEAM. We ask that you to lay down your desire for personal gain and be devoted to promoting other people’s success. 



Weekly Rehearsal Sessions

All team members, that are on the schedule for that week, will be required to attend a mid-week rehearsal. Rehearsals typically run 1.5 to 2 hours long. 



Dress Code


  • Fashion forward and modern styles

  • Denim, Tan Khaki, and leather

  • Trendy sneakers, boots, and heels


  • Bare feet, flip-flops, 

  • Shorts, skirts

  • Low-cut shirts, fitted tank tops, cut-off tees

  • Graphic tees of any kind


What to Expect


Once you have submitted both your application and audition a worship team lead will get in contact with you. The next step in the process will be a live audition - not every applicant will move on to the live auditions. 


Thank you for your interest in being a part of the team! 

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